My name is Suad Alhalwachi, I clarified my goal in life is to help in educating the world and embracing life till the last drop! I’m Curious, and fidgety, I love to know new things, and see new things. Books interest me and have a dream of being an author of fiction and nonfiction.

Students must choose the correct path for their future – I will help light the way through Education, Art, Science and Technology.

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My first book

Careers, find one that fits you like a glove.

The book is ready, and I am so excited about my book ‘Careers, find one that fits you like a glove’ and its value creation for those that will read it. I am also so excited that mums and dads will read it with their children, as it has valuable information about the hundreds of jobs out there that one can choose from depending on their passion.

The book can currently only be purchased at my company Education Zone. Digital sales through the Education Zone website and Amazon will be coming soon.

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