Since little-hood I loved multi coloured cloths, furniture, art, wall colours, and even colourful outdoor walls. I had always changed the ambiance of my flats or houses and the furniture just because a new colourful sofa was invented. Thinking that I had changed my houses over 30 times makes people wonder how much I had spent on multicolouring them. i would collect perfume bottles, and then decorate my garden with them, i would buy multicoloured planters to hold my multcoloured flowers just because in feel good to see them.

My cloths will follow suit and my shoes and scarves would also be different to suit my mood. I don’t think that i have a missing colour in my wardrobe, even the prints that I choose can be full of flowers and some animals or birds, mainly some owls, the picture above was even used to colour my book.

Of late I have been obsessed with stones and jewelry. The more colourful it is the more I wanted to own it. From red to blue to green to yellow. I have them all. Necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and brooches. I don’t know what would happens to me if I don’t own them. Of course my excuse is that it gives me energy but who know the real fact.

I am not going to speak about art work. The harder the colours the more I wanted to own it. I filled my walls with them and I truly admire just looking at them. And by the way my youngest grandson is also like me when I take him to my flat now he just looks around and enjoys the art. Needless to say,  I had framed some of my jewelry because it’s too big to wear.

If you enter the building that i live in, you would think you are in a hotel lobby with its turquoise arm chairs and the colourful art work. come to think of it, i may need to set up some planters to give me more ambiance.

another obsession of mine is the boxes, the paper wrapping and the ribbons that come along with the gifts.  I tend to keep them no matter what.  what do I do with them? i use them if i want to give a gift, or to decorate my dressing room, or just to keep them somewhere close by to remind me that I had a gift from someone so thoughtful to wrap it nicely.

I believe that colours and colourful things are created to give us strength and positivity, imagine if our world consists of black, white and grey? wouldn’t you feel that we are not living.  just look at the sky during sunrise and sunset and count the colours in the sky? you would see white, red, orange and anything in between.  even after the rain, the rainbow is so colourful, i want it to rain everyday.