I am sure you will say now that I have become a real Chinese person. Not really I have used good old Google-translate to find the Chinese name for Noodle House.

Well, you have certainly dined once or twice at least in this delicious restaurant, the first one is located in Emrates Towers, and since it’s huge success, it has been copied by @jumeirah in many locations. My kids love it, and off late we do not go to a Chinese authentic place, we would rather have our favourite dishes from NH? Also many have frequented the restaurant because Sheikh Mo has his lunch there, so if someone wanted to meet him for any reason, they would hang around the place and talk to him, if I were Sheikh Mo I will have indigestion seeing all of these people who want something or the other from me, and would be stressed out thinking where will I go if I need something??

Anyway, the success of this joint didn’t stop in Dubai. Guess where next its going? Ok, we all know that chow mien is the Chinese territory, along with copying everything on planet earth, and making a list of the items they want to shop for when they travel?? (I never did that by the way), so we shouldn’t be surprised when I tell you that Dubai’s famous Noodle House is going to open it’s doors to the authentic Chinese people. Will they frequent it? Maybe we will have a similar strategy there and invite Moe tse tong or whoever is their ruler and give him free lunches so the chinoi will go there to see and ask for their problems to be solved.

What I am trying to say here is that Dubai had always been a pioneer in adapting an already existing idea and building on it to make it a successful venture. There are only a few countries in the world that can do this, Dubai is certainly the best in doing this, so I am warning you Chinese people, keep the secrets of those dumsums and smoked ducks as Dubai is invading your territory.

Of course I had only found out the reason for many of the top hotels, brands, shops, restaurants open in China, apparently the Chinese people are tourists in their own countries, and always buy the best, spend the most and know what they want. Talk about lowly Arabs who run with their Tolllies in Primark and fill it with all the junks that is there without thinking whether they need those things or not, unfortunately though in London you cannot have a noodle soup from Noodle House after a a long day of shopping, hehe, just kidding.