This is the first day of the new year. What did I do so far? last night we had a great gathering for my little sister’s birthday, when I came home I wrote two posts, published them, played some solitaire and went to sleep at 4; woke up early and left after having my tablets, banana and coffee to see my friend who has been in this country for a year without a job, owning a PHD in philosophy and a long history of teaching in Syria. Arab Spring in Syria made her leave her home and move here with her son, but the job was not found. Funny really, we have over 83 universities in the country and none of them are willing to hire a high ranking professor?? what a life? makes me more and more happy that I am working in my own business and not waiting for someone to hire me?? well, she nagged and nagged and cursed and showed her unhappiness on the first day of the year. Enough of that.

Then I returned home, prayed, changed, said hi to the kids, went out with my husband as we were invited for a new year’s lunch with a lovely couple who had been living in Sharjah for a long time, we picked up two of my friends on the way and the drive was fun for a change, first time that my husband doesn’t swear at those silly drivers who think that they own the road. The couple had invited every Iraqi couple who live in Dubai, My two friends and I were the only odd ones out, it was fun discussing the situation in Bahrain to them along with my journalist friend, who is an activist; first time we had something to brag about, as you know the Iraqi people had always been tormented by their leaders, now the coin is flipped and the people themselves are tormenting each other, on the other hand we in Bahrain are not happy about the lack of basic rights of human beings, but we can never match what happened to the Iraqis.

Of course being on my feet for three weeks, running around between Turkey, Qatar, Oman and Iraq made me sick, the flu is a savior as I went to sleep and forgot about replying to my emails. The house keeper gave me a vicks massage and lots of herbal tea, my son gave me his lozenges and vitamin C, and my daughter bought me more cold medication.

Thus, even though we had a great start for the year, the day had ended with cough and cold. I am fine now, hence this post. I would love to be able to write everyday, of course if time permits I will do that.

Happy new year everyone.