I am a person from the past, I have a feeling that I was born when Adam and Eve were made, and brought down to earth, I can close my eyes and imagine that I was with them, or like a fly on the wall, just watching what they are doing. I was looking at the cupboards and drawers since my return from India, to make room for the new things that I acquired during my trip, I found a scarf that I was given by a friend in 1973, some necklaces from 1968? vintage?? I bet.

One day I had Tarro card reading,  the woman said that in my previous life I was a french witch, this explains mon Français parfait! and the way I read the coffee cup, of course I don’t believe in reincarnation, but my soul must have wondered around during my deep sleep and went to the past (is this even possible).  I also love sci fi movies especially the ones about setting the time back or forward, like the movie of Meg Ryan when her boy friend found a crack and he was able to go to another time and then she went through it too and found her mate! or the one where Michael J Fox travels to the past in the car his grandpa invented and then creates the future of his parents! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uwuLxrv8jY and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkyLnWm1iCs.  But the one that I really loved is Blast from the Past by Brendan Fraser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx07uWsdpnQ&feature=related

This movie shows the ingenuity of the American mind! also it shows the gullibility of the scientists as they used to believe in the cold war and the power of the communism. Imagine if you have to live in a bomb shelter for 35 years? wouldn’t that be a killer, and makes one feel very lonely? in this movie though the father had engineered the life of his son, and made sure that he knows every thing in life, including dancing, skating, singing, manners and most importantly the bonding that the threesom had found amidst that loneliness. I am not sure what I or my children would have done if we had to stay in a bomb shelter on our own, day in day out, and what we would have learnt from that experience. Having said that, I feel that one should be on ones own for a while, like for example a month, and just try to be with the family, just for laughs of course, to gauge the tolerance level also the love level.  

Why do I always quote movies in my blog? because that is what I do when I am not working. I noticed these days that I am not very sociable, and prefer to be on my own, as I feel that every time someone says something interesting I want to write it, and if I did the person wouldn’t be happy, as what happened to my when I blogged about my friends sad demise of her mum, she was upset to an unbelievable extent, I thought that I will lose her forever, luckily I didn’t. That was a near-mess though, next time I do something like this I may lose a friend, which is not funny at all.  we take pains in choosing our friends, and we don’t want to lose them easily, so rather than just blabber about what they say, and quote them, I would rather do my work, set at home, and write about my own experiences. 

Talking about the past is something that I would do again and again, stuff about what my dad used to tell us, and the way he made us real human beings, but I am tired now, and half MIB III is running and still didn’t follow what was happening, so enjoy your weekend and have a good sleep after a long hot week in Dubai.