Imagine this. You are standing in front of your students and trying to explain whatever the lesson is about, a student stands up and says you are wrong as he just checked AI on his/ her phone and typed the lesson’s subject, and found out that what you are saying is not the right thing!! and you were thinking that you are going to baffle them with your expertise.  what are you going to do? stop the mobile phones and tablets from entering the class? shut the student up? or just acquiesce in what the student had said?

Thus dear teachers. Even if you had perfected your lesson plan and researched the lesson well, someone out there in the world had devised a better and more informative lesson. Hence the intelligent AI

AI is artificial intelligence that scans millions of references available everywhere, on newspapers, reference books, articles, teaching materials, research papers and so on, and compiles a list of what the subject matter means in a beautiful narration that sounds so great and one would think that it was written by a scientist rather than the computer (or the machine inside the web that generates contents)

AI is the best thing after sliced bread (I would say the best thing after sliced protein bread). And we teachers must never lie on our perils and think that what we had prepared a ton of years ago is still valid. Maybe you are teaching computing or math or science just make sure that we are up to date with the information. of course one can never be up to date with the information as new things are discovered even while we are scratching our head in class. dont forget dear teachers that when you sleep at night there are people that are awake working on the other side of earth.

I never thought that I would say this ( but the audience are more informative than me ), i would like the teachers to do the following:

  1. break the class into three groups
  2. give every student in every group a list of subjects pertaining to the lesson you are teaching next. ask them to prepare three constructive arguments about it
  3. ask group one to check library materials for the lesson
  4. ask group two to check google (or whatever search engine they are allowed to use) to find information on the subject
  5. ask group three to use AI/ChatGPT to prepare the lesson plan according to the lesson.


Once the subject is prepared by you, and the students, conduct a conference in the class.  each group will explain what they had found out in regards to the subject.  When this is done (I think you know what you have to do at this point) you need to just fill the gaps in their learning, by adding your bit to it. if there was a snippet of knowledge that was not covered in the conference held by the students, otherwise you will find that what they had covered is more than what you thought you will cover. .


This way, you are being innovative, and the students are involved and we have a win-win.


What do you think dear teachers and students?


(You can find a special report on AI by University world news)