I attended “the Building School” conference in Abu Dhabi which was a real eye opener. The new schools are being built in a very scientific and futuristic way. This way will enhance student’s learning and make him/her wonder not just learn.

However one speaker caught my eyes and ears, which was so ironic as this particular speaker was from Bahrain. He was talking about the reforms in Bahrain, he was saying that Bahrain had been the first country to introduce education for boys and girls at the same time and before any other country in the gulf had realized the value of education plus many other important items that are high on the agenda in Bahrain. In any case this person is a foreigner, but it was commendable as he kept on saying “we have” , “we should”, “our issues” , “our reforms” , “our schools” , “our villages” etc

My concern is that the Economic Development Board (EDB) decided to send a foreigner to represent Bahrain in a foreign country that respects its citizens and make them represent the UAE in any international forum. The difference between the UAE and Bahrain is that UAE has faith in its citizens, but Bahrain doesn’t. I have met with the Bahraini people that work in EDB in October Conference (which I must say was brilliant) and they are all very educated and very talented, so why couldn’t one of them come to this conference and talk about the reforms. I think these employees are very able to talk about the improvements and the education strategy as they know and understand the needs of their own country. When are we going to realize that we Bahraini’s can speak in conferences and are passionate about education reforms and also about our country?