I like to be positive at all times, although these days I had waves of negativity depressing me and spreading all over me and my surroundings for many reasons of course; I try to kill it by all means, success happens at times, and it doesnt happen in other times

Today is one of those negativity-bound days;  I went for a drive in bahrain, and couldn’t help but notice the graffitti and the anti-graffiti methodologies on the walls, boundries, glass, doors, windows and every plain surface in Bahrain.  I am all for people speaking up and thinking of the best, and also I am for governements trying to erase these spoken up words, as they may not like what the people had said there. but I am not for having ugly sights that kills every pure and simple things that we had in Bahrain.

I also noticed that what was used by the people was colorful paint or spray paint, and what was used by the Anti-graffiti squad was black paint or spray paint, I couldn’t help noticing the way the spray paint is used is in a zig zag mode that enables the inquisitive readers to detect what had been written. Also you notice that the graffiti people re-draw on the black spray and the anti-graffiti squad re spray, and so on.  Who is losing and who is benefiting?

Firstly the owners of the walls, doors, windows and boundries are the main losers; also the people in general are losing their sense of beauty, their eyes are now feasting on ugly artistic installations (like the one I saw once when a person had a knife on a bowl, that had a hole and it was dripping blood, and many people’s cloths stained with blood, that installation was depicting the way the jews had died in the concentration camps) so invariably every person in the country would have nightmares from the sights around Bahrain. 

Doctors and pharmacists are making a fortune prescribing Prozac and anti depression medications.

Those that are also gaining are the spray paint companies, and hence my entrepreneurial brain came alive here and thought of this idea: why doesnt the country hire the services of the likes of Juton and other paint companies that are in abundance in Bahrain, and ask them to provide a coat of paint to cover the graffitti. Also the governement will allow the graffitti lovers to paint anti governmental slogans only if they do it in an artistic way. So instead of saying death to the goverment for example, the people should drew the postitve side of that, and we should have walls to do murals on.  That way we are going to have pretty pictures depicitng what will happen if the governemtn change, things that are really futuristc will only be allowed, and not dirty or ugly words. 

That way we all save money, I am sure that the governemnt is spending heaps of money on both spray black paint, and on paying salaries to anti-graffitti squad.  That money will be used to pay the paint companies who will be in charge of the walls, the murals, and beautification of Bahrain. The money that is left, as I am sure there will be a lot of it, can be paid to the graffiti artists to make a living, maybe everyone will shut the hell up and we can all go home happy.

Is anyone actually reading my blogs?????