Off late i had a series of events that troubled me, and when last night for an unknown reason my table top glass broke i gathered what had happened in a short period of time; Broken window, broken glass table top, broken mirrors, broken crystal vase, broken ceramic hob and the list goes on with various cups, plates, glasses, dinner set, broken glass switch. Well what does it mean when each of these glass things break in a short period of time?

Another series of me knocking my foot, knocking my knee, knocking my elbow and hitting my own fingers with the back of a knife? is this just clumsiness?

We all believe in bad luck or evil eye, but when the incidents recur it must mean something.  I looked up the various sites that explains this phenomena and found that broken glass means that the evil eye is going and good luck is coming my way.  Ok, so this piece of advise had neglected to say that I have to spend money to replace these broken items, the money is not coming on its own, I have to work for it to bring it.  Maybe it means that whatever I do to bring this money is another event that is unexplainable? maybe I should have just spent that money on the poor and needy before hand (which I actually do) instead of spending it on the shops that are going to work on my broken items.

Another site says: “People consider a broken cup or bowl made of glass as a lucky sign and believe that it brings good fortune and money. It symbolizes that you will get some great news about your financial matters. It also denotes that a moment of celebration is coming your way as broken plates and cups indicate happy events such as celebrations, partying, and gatherings

I suppose that i shouldn’t be very pessimistic and should just accept these incidents as geed news, an opening in the universe that would change my life to the best and remove the obstacles that were shadowing my life.  Maybe its a new beginning and great events and luck would be showering me and those in my soundings. i should accept that a positive energy is coming my way, or a new thought or a piece of writing that will change my life to the best.


At the end I must say that I should never link bad or unfortunate events with people in my life and blame them for giving me the red eye, instead I must consider them as events that wash out any bad things that i had unintentionally done to myself or to others, and thus I must ask for forgiveness because I did have those thought in my mind.


I guess we always try to blame others for things that we do to ourselves, this is something that we must all stop to think about and we must work on liberating ourselves from thought about bad luck and evil eye. at the same time we need to protect ourselves from the evil that we do not see or comprehend.