I am not a story teller, however in some cases I feel if we want an idea to get into the heads of people we must depict it as a story.

Lets imagine we are in a new land, on a new planet, we landed on our new type of rocket that doesn’t need to be launched, it travels with the use of our thoughts.  As soon as we landed we started to notice the inhabitants of that planets. We saw the ones with the one eye, those with the hands similar to an octopus, others who are green and some that had a little tail.  We liked everyone except those with the tail, as we found them to be the most intelligent and can understand the needs of life faster than the others.  Being of a more superiour nature, we thought that we can rule that land and its inhabitants; we decided to let each of the types do a certain job or many jobs, however those with the tail were only supposed to do menial jobs.  We prevented them from entering fields like politics, education, working in ministries and so on.


There was a problem though, as in that planet nobody looks at the shape and type of people they are all blind and all have a different way of looking at things, they only see the inside of the person, also they spoke telepathically to each other.  Thus many of them had intermarried and had children that are a hybrid of the one eye, green, octopus hands and little tails. We the most superior breed thought that we must tell them not to intermarry to be able to manage the segregations properly!

The inhabitants didn’t realise what we are doing until hundreds of years later.  By that time it was too late to change things, as the prevention of the tailed people from working in the education and other important fields had resulted in an ignorant group who had no idea what life really needs, also the reduction of intermarriages had resulted in shortage of children as the little tailed people were the ones that can breed more than the others.  The inhabitants felt the danger that is approaching them, they will be extinct soon and something had to be done.   And so they got together in a cave to discuss it.  First thing they realised is that the rule the superior beings had imposed was so drastic that it will take them years to rectify, and also it made them see the hostility of the little tailed people, as these have started to earn less money, and work long hours, and sometimes they had to live on little bits of food that the green, the one eyed, or the octopus hands were throwing in their bins.


The cave meeting made them realise that the segregation was not proper, however because they cannot see who is in the cave they didn’t realise that their was an informant hiding to hear what they say.  The meeting concluded with a big decision: they must expel the superiors people from their planet before they make them extinct.


The informant went straight to the headquarters and told them about what he had heard. They decided to make an exodus. the ran to the spaceship and ordered it to go back to earth, as they realised that its the only place they can carry out their segregation and discrimination without anyone says a word.