Ok let me tell you a story. I am not a story teller, but this one had kept on revolving around my thoughts so I have to get rid of it.

Om Hussain and Om saeed, two women, same age, same health problems; Both have knee pains, back aches, their heel has Plantar Fasciitis, their fingers are painful, and to add to this both were at spa for treatment. Both are rich and both are happy, their lives had a meaning and both will not replace it for anything else.

Om Hussain, has 6 kids, the youngest is 20, most were married with grand children, her husband died a year ago from Cancer. Om Saeed has 3 kids, the youngest is 18 and none of them are married. The first one owns a house, and travels twice a year for her holiday, the latter also owns a house and travels all the time but not for holiday.

Om Hussain’s kids studied at home, they all have blackberries and Ipads, and their grandchildren also know how to use them. Om Saeed kids studies abroad; they also own blackberries, Iphones, and Ipads, no grand kids to use them yet.

So far so good?? Normal story I would say, however there is a great difference between the two women, Om Hussain never studied and never worked in her life, she had dedicated her time for her children and husband and now to her grand children. Om Saeed was an international student all her life and had worked from the age of 19, she had also dedicated her time to her work, children and husband.

Om Hussain never had to worry about money, and eventually she inherited her late husband’s money. Om Saeed had to think of how to earn more to support her family and herself, as both her husband and her were not living in their own country, so both have to work really hard to make ends meet.

What is the moral of the story? I don’t know really, I think God is the one that decides the amount of money one can have, it doesn’t matter how one will get that money, whether by self work, or other means, if we are to be rich it’s his doing, and if we are to stay poor its his doing too. Thus, what should we really do? Is it destiny? I am not sure, is it luck? Oh well, you know what I always say about luck? I don’t have to repeat it here. However I need a reply from all of you. Do we as women need to tire ourselves and have the books in front of our eyes day in and day out, do we have to run like horses to earn a living? Or should we just depend on our husbands?