It took me four days to read this whole book, first time in my life that I wasn’t able to put the book down, and if I did then It was disastrous as I was constantly thinking of the two heroins in that book. I am not going to talk about the two girls here, as I do not want to ruin the book for you, you can read it and enjoy, i am actually a terrible person when it comes to spreading the endings of movies and books, my kids hate me for that, they sometimes never watch a movie as I will tell them the ending.  I will tell you how I felt about the whole experience of women and Afghanistan.

Maybe I was busy with my own things, of raising my kids, my work, my family, my social life, my studies and the million other stuff that one tend to get busy with and becomes oblivious to what is happening in the world and around us, maybe its just me a person that hates politics and its atrocities over humanity, or maybe its my laziness.  However I know I love history, and love to know what is happening and what happened and what would happen in the future as all of those happenings will determine how human beings will think and act and how they will affect each other.  The problem that had just happened in France and me reading this book, are two incidents that will change my life as I know it.


I wept like a little girl while reading each page, how can one endure the terrible life that the two women lived under, how can men be so mean, how can politics turn a country upside down. How can a group of fanatics affect so much pain on the lives of millions of women and children in a country that has so much history and literature.  I knew about the Taliban, and I knew that they had (I hope its something of the past and that their breed will disappear forever) a weird way of looking at life and a very strange way of interpreting Islam, but I didn’t know that they had even stopped hospitals from accepting women.  I know that men are sometimes stupid ( I am not saying here that women are not stupid, as we can be very stupid and can also damage countries let alone homes) but how can they give themselves the right to hit women and treat them in the way the husband of those two women did.  last night I dreamt of the two women, and told them that I will be with them all the time; this is how much the book had affected me.


I am hoping people will start to realise that there is much more to life than killing, burning, fighting, bombing, stealing, lying, and all the bad stuff that are happening these days and since the start of humanities (whether big bang or Adam and Eve). We have been given brains that can create things, can write poetry, books, novels, can create art, can design houses, schools, gardens and can build better cars, better airplanes, and can go to the moon and other galaxies; we have been given brains that can create medicine and cure the sick and injured.  We are one of a kind and if we realise this soon enough life will be a better place than what we have now.


Read the book and tell me what you feel.