I read a story once about an emperor who wanted to gift a philosopher or a mathematician something that will make him happy. The mathematician brought a chess board, he asked the emperor to put a grain of rice on the first square and to multiply it on the second and same on the third, the emperor laughed as he thought that was easy, by the time they reached the final square there wasn’t enough grains in the kingdom that’s enough to cover that amount of grains calculated on the chess board.

So, based on this story, if you work for months and make the same amount every month you will never be rich. However if you make enough money to save a certain percentage from month to month then by the end of a certain number of years you will have at least what you make in a month saved (or more). This is how the retirement funds work. That monthly saving is invested and by the time one retires one will have either the same salary or a bit more to live on.

But you don’t want to continue to work just to save for your retirement. You want to have more money while you are still working, and that’s what investment does. That monthly saving can be invested slowly but surely in shares or funds, then in businesses of others and eventually in your own businesses.

Infinity is a concept that can only be visualized by thinking in this manner. Warren Buffett made his money this way. Investing slowly but surely after he had worked and saved and then he continued to work and invest, without reacting to changes in the economy. Probably his reactions were by doing the opposite of what people do during recessions! He will buy low.

I watched a movie abou infinity and I emerged enlightened ( these last two words are taken from Sherlock Holmes)

The film is amazing, I felt some of the mathematicians and the philosophers were mesmerized by the concept and at time they are not able to express the concept fully.

Thus let me start:

Infinity for me is “Before life, Life ,and after life”. We are here and we will be here all the time. Take a fruit, say an apple (since the movie chose an apple to demonstrate the life of an apple (see below). When you peal the apple, you will find at least 7 seeds, each seed will grew a tree, which will generate hundreds of apples, and thousands of seeds, and that will be happening infinitely,  if each one of us that eats an apply makes sure to grew its seeds, the world will be full of apple trees, or oranges, then orange trees and so on, however we do not do that of course.

The film showed what will happen to an apple 🍎 if it was placed in a box for millions of years. If you think about it this is a proof that we will be the same! When we die and probably after millions of years we will come back to a place and maybe we will be in a better place (like a fresh apple) or maybe we will be rotten. Think about this for a while, if you do good it will multiply to an infinite amount of good and if you do bad it will also multiply to an infinite amount of bad . Read this article that talks about the film

I am often intrigued by what we learn, how that can bring me closer to God, and how everything leads me to him; I feel that even mathematics is an act of God, because we can have an infinite amount of ways to explain a formula, and we can have an infinite number of formulas to explain one thing, mathematics is a symbol of god’s existence, and if you read the Quraan you will find a huge number of verses with mathematical equations (E.G. the grains in Josephs time, the devision of the inheritance, the division of the war proceeds, the division of the sheep (in the verse with king david and the brothers who fought about mixing each other sheep) these are just a few questions were infinity was explained in Quraan.

Sometimes at night I wake up with nagging thoughts in my mind, last night I woke up with the “thoughts” idea, so infinity is not just in living things, infinity is in thoughts too. According to psychology today we could have quadrillion thoughts in a short time.

Hence if our thoughts are endless, so is our lives. Death must be an illusion (and guess what, I found an article that talks about this fact. I am telling you, we are here to stay, whether in this world, or in a parallel world.

Apparently Einstein had said that his friend Besso had departed this world a little ahead of him! (death is not a real thing, we just move from one place to the other)

I can go on and on about infinity, as it exists in everything around us. I guess I will have to stop here.