Do you know, when I receive those messages about rich people who were told that they are dying, or on their death beds, and when they reminisce about what they did in their lives, and why they hadn’t focused on their loved ones, their brains, their families and so on.  They all regret making money instead and they start giving it all away to charity.  Ok,  her is my take about all of this, I think its very important to make money, as much as the other elements of life, one has to be balanced in everything one do.  However let those rich people remember that if they didn’t make money they will not be in a great hospital getting the best treatment and diagnosis, even though this will not stop them from dying, however it will help keep them calm and content in their last moments of life, and that at least there are people with white coats looking after them.  For a change, lets think about the poor people.

This bring me to my story.  Its about a woman with two children, so unfortunate and so miserable, a lot had happened to her and I (the person who always find solutions to people’s problems) cannot find a solution for her.


Every time she enters my office, I feel that the world is about to end, everyone will die and all of us are going to heaven or to the other place that I am not going to name here! the air becomes suffocating, my breath shortens and slowly the sun disappears and so do the stars, complete darkness prevail. All flowers die, and so does the plants and any living thing.


Don’t take me wrong, I love this woman, whom I met by coincidence in 2009; since then we helped her and her children, we managed her paperwork, we counselled, we gave advice, we did visas and so on. However she is still in trouble.


She had married a guy whose family didn’t approve this marriage, she had two children from him, the two children received a scholarship from their government and went to study abroad.  The husband divorced her, so she goes to live with her two sons; then, according to her, the husband managed to cut her benefits, and that is when her life changed.  The husband dies mysteriously, and all his wealth goes to his brothers and not to the children, don’t ask me why as this had happened in a country that follows the rules and respects people! She thinks that everyone is against her and that the whole country is conspiring to put her in trouble.  She complains to embassies, offices of the princes and to anyone she can talk to. All of them say that its beyond them and that she has to return to her country.


Then by some sort of weird circumstances the kids lose their scholarship, and have to leave the country of study! they come and live in UAE, and now have nothing to live on.  One of the boys found a pity job, but the other one, and who is my favourite, is 27 years of age, didn’t complete his studies, has no glasses (they are broken) no phone, no job, and no life.  Their government will only pay for their rent and told to return back and live under the bridge. And to top it all with a cherry, they are from a neighbouring Gulf country.


I feel so bad about her situation and wish that there is something that I can do for her and for her children.  Hence, I am putting this to you. Maybe you have suggestions.