I love buying bits and pieces to wear on my neck or arms, and even on my fingers sometimes, after all I am a woman; however I prefer those things that do not make sound when I move, the worst is to type and hear bling-bling or knock-knock or the ring hitting the keyboard or the charms dangling from it wrestling with your fingers on who is going to hit the keyboard faster.

Being pretty or different is not just a feeling, the body requires those things, to complement missing elements, for example metal is needed if we are short in iron, etcetera, I am doing it myself so I shouldn’t be complaining that we are all overdoing it, and the businesses are making more money out of us just because we have been tricked that beauty is a key (latest study shows that if you are pretty then your chances of being chosen as a CEO of a company is higher than those who are not, of course if we keep intelligence as a constant that is!) and life as we know it will not be the same if we are not carrying that bag, not wearing that dress, not complementing it with that brooch, or not wearing that lebatons? I cannot even spell the brand name of that high-heel-killer shoes.

Leaving this aside, I will not talk about other home accessories, or car accessories or office accessories; I want to talk about phone accessories.

The other day I tagged along with a friend who does crafts, she needed to buy threads, needles and what not, so I helped in choosing the colors with her, while doing that I noticed her dipping into a basket that had little packets of crystal, and choosing the colors properly. I thought maybe she is making a new style of dresses, but when she continued to ask the salesman if these were real Swarovski’s, my curiosity toped the scale, what is she going to use them for? She said I decorate phones! Of course I had seen phones with blings, I never thought much of them, then she showed me pictures of those phones that were blinged, I must say they were nice, however I started digging deeper into this, I am like a cat, finding out more is my main treat, and the more I look the crazier I get; there is whole underground industry just for phones! Phone cases, phone stands, phone stickers, you name it they have it, even those pits that you dangle on the side of the phone that by itself is an industry. My friend’s daughter started a business, part of her business revolves around your phone coming from a manufacturer and made with pure gold, titanium, silver, and of course either studded with diamonds or Swarovski’s crystals, so it in not just little spend that you will buy for your phone when you are on holiday, it is an investment. Imagine your Iphone or blackberry coming to you in a laminated wooden box and a key and a guarantee of course for life? Which life I must add? The life of the phone or the life of the gold? You know what I am getting it don’t you? Can you trust Apple that it will not develop something totally fantastic after a month of your 5000 dollar purchase? And then of course, you will feel that you are undervalued as all your friends are having the new fabulous piece and you only carrying jewelry around?

Of course, I blame this on the stars, they are the ones that make us believe that life is not worth it if you don’t own that bag, or you are taking on a walky talky if your phone doesn’t have diamond keyboards, magazines and publications sells on ranking stars and what they wear or carry? One of my Bahraini tweeps sent this http://twitpic.com/5ghqeo and it is totally fantastic, as it just shows exactly what I am talking about here. The industry is sucking us deeper and deeper. Look at every facet of life, we are just consuming what geniuses around the world are creating for us, without thinking if this Necessary or an Accessory?