Now the answer to this question will not be possible because as I stand now I wasn’t one and had not been discovered as one; also being 58 already, I don’t think it possible to do those checks to ascertain the possibility of being a prodigy.
This came about when I watched some youtube channels showing some of the prodigy children that made it into college at 12, graduated as doctors at 20, and are writing books, playing music, playing sports, and having a life time of enjoyment in reading books and discussing science. So I wondered if it is possible to discover kids with special talent in our countries.  Do we have the elements that make this discovery possible?
Well, I don’t think we do for many reasons.  To begin with most of the marriages are not compatible, and parents spend a lot of their time arguing or fighting, the kids are neglected and left to their own devices while that is going on.
Secondly parents are busy working and trying to make ends meet, so instead of focusing on their children’s abilities and watching if the kids have the reading power at two, playing music at three, writing music at 4, finishing school at 6 and going to a college at 8, and so on, they come home, cook dinner and put the kids to sleep without noticing what the kids did or about to do.  The small means do not allow the kids to even buy those books, and the few items at home don’t provide enough inspiration to the children to explore.  
Thirdly, most of our countries are living in turmoil, political problems, religious differences, fighting for no reason and debates about unimportant issues.  This environment is not conducive to cultivate a prodigy child. 
Fourthly, our schools are not equipped with the right teachers that will notice clever children, and in any case by the time the child reach the schools it’s a bet too late to find out if he or she is prodigy.
Last but not least, our society at large believe in negative things, for example they are worried about evil eye, envy, black magic and so on, so they would rather have a child that is “normal” in their standards than have a child that is clever who will be the envy of the neighborhood. 
I think that a child’s brain is a sponge for information, it’s a fertile soil, anything can grew on it, so with a little bit of nourishment and planting the right amount of seeds, we could have prodigy children, and I don’t really care if we are the envy of the whole world, as maybe these prodigy children will discover a cure for that evil eye, or they  may eliminate black magic. 
Happy reading