My mind started to link everything due to the recent turmoil in the middle east. I started to notice correlations in many facets of life, it is not only the governments that hate change and advancements it is even companies, universities, colleges, schools, shops, and in general It is people that hate change and prefer to sit in their comfortable place doing what they have always done and then find themselves six foot under.  If you notice, there are only a few people who are remembered form the billions that live in this world; those that are being remembered had been on the move, rejected the obvious and ventured out to find better things in life.  Some had written books, some had inventions that made significant changes in humans lives, while some had just decided to walk on the sideline and preferred that the world would forget about them and leave them alone.

You will ask me why am I so pessimistic today despite my obvious enthusiasm?  Well it is because of what happened yesterday.  You see, I always try to partner with universities that have a certain niche, for example it could be one that is in the top 200, or one that is best in a certain programme, or one that has the best student life and so on; and when one of these universities visit us in the UAE I ask them to visit schools, and also to visit certain universities that are in my mind trying to excel and be in the top, at least in the UAE.  However, since a few months, I have found some obstacles and couldn’t achieve my target.  Well to make a long story short, I had the representative of one of Sweden universities that is number one in the world in the entrepreneurship programme.  This university help students to establish their businesses and links them with a network of venture capitalists and angel investors, also it helps them in making their business a success.  So I thought that will be great for a certain university in the UAE to meet them and partner with them.  So whilst the representative was explaining about their mission and what not, one of the attendees was dosing off, and the other one was not even interested but was trying to avoid extending the discussions.  It was an embarrassing meeting, and I felt that I made a huge mistake by arranging this meeting.  The thing is, I felt that I brought some one to my house when it was in a mess; I feel the UAE is my home, and I want the best to be in it, but what I did had exposed the problem that we are facing in this country.  We establish huge businesses and universities, and hire people who are only here for a certain time to be able to pay their mortgages back home and save up a little for their old age and retirement. We do not hire well, we dont care who to bring? You think we felt the crisis just because it was apparent all around the world? Not really, we felt it strongly because we hired a bunch of thieves who made sure that they clear the safe and run, or steal from every where prior to their departure.  You think the person who is paid a salary but does nothing is a straight person? No, he is another one of those thieves whose place is not on that chair, but in jail.  

Unfortunately all of this happens because we, like everybody else hate change, so we keep lousy people in their place thinking that one day a magic dust will be thrown at them and they will be fine and productive.  So, to my simple mind, we should only hire people once we do a real check on them starting with police check, to real reference check, to talking to their friends, looking at their records in previous employments, googling them and so on.  I can count hundreds of cases where people were hired, and then fired after either proving to be idiots, or stealing money from the organisation. The theft is not necessarily a real theft in terms of money or property etc, it is even time, people can steal time, by earning a salary for doing nothing. 

Will this hamper my energy? No, I refuse to let things like these put me down, not even a flat tire.