1. Tell us about yourself. (Your educational background, family, your likes, your interests etc)
My family is a normal one that lived in Bahrain, my dad loved languages and he was an electrician, my mother couldn’t read or write but loved to study and made us love to read.  I was so interested in being a doctor or a teacher, and used to read books in Arabic or English that my dad will bring back with him when he returns from his trips; my cousin used to work in a library so she also introduced me to Arabic novels.  It was only later on that I was introduced to classic novels and started to read them.  Of course I am not a doctor, but I did fulfill my dream to become a teacher.  That didn’t happened straight after college as I went into the wrong profession for 30 years of life.  Teaching was an experience for me, I found out how not many of our young ones love to learn, and I found out that what we teach is not necessarily what is being practiced out there. So I stopped teaching.  I do training from time to time just to keep my interest alive.
Well at 58 I can only remember what I did with that education.  To me Education is just a tool so we excel in the world and achieve our goals, without having goals in life it doesn’t matter if we are educated or not.
I am interested in art, and interested in making every person in our country a bachelor degree holder.  With the grace of God, this will happen.
2. You are the Managing Director at Education Zone FZ,LLC. Tell us more about it.
I mentioned above that I had spent 30 years of life doing the wrong profession, that is because we dint have people that will direct us to the correct career path that suits our mind and our passion, so I decided that I will start an organisation that will save people’s time and money and create geniuses instead of machines. That is the story of why we created this company.  Its 12 years old now, and I am hoping that it will be 120 years old and that my kids and their kids will carry it forward.
3. You tend to prefer women employees in your company. Any particular reason for it?
I believe in empowering women because I believe that an empowered woman can raise prodigy kids.  A woman that is sitting at home may not notice if her kids are clever or not, so my ultimate reason is the future generation.
4. Being a lecturer and now a business specialist how has been the transition?
I mentioned above that I noticed that we do not teach what the world needs, we teach textbooks, so I stopped.  How many times did we need to draw a map of a country? And how many times did we need to do an ROI for the company that we work for?  We need instead to learn how to communicate and how to play in a team. We need to understand people to avoid office politics.  These qualities re not taught in colleges, so why continue.
5. How do you manage life as a mother and a successful business woman at the same time?
This is a classic question. And now that my son is married and has a daughter of his own, my middle daughter is pregnant and running her life, and the little one is about to graduate I feel I managed my time very well.  Time is not material, what we do with our time is the most important thing.
6. Tell us more about your life as a lecturer
Basically I taught while working, so I had to juggle between family, friends, homemaking, teaching and my own hobbies; but I loved my students and I knew why they are bored, they want to start their lives as it was pending that piece of paper called certificate.
7. Any tips for future entrepreneurs?
Yes do it yourself, and don’t depend on anyone else, if I can succeed any one can
8. Would you like to add anything else?
Yes, I want everyone to read the book “outliers” and try to understand it.  Its my favorite.