Sorry folks, I haven’t been writing off late.  First it was the new phone and how it multiplied my contacts and made them more than 11000, then the sabotage to my laptop and how I lost a lot of my work; of course most of my work was backed up, but as I was on the run for couple of months had meant that I lost couple of months’ worth of work, very valuable too.  Its a pity that we depend on technology but it fails us; however even though that it does that, I cannot have it any other way.

I love my job and I love what I do and what it does to me, I love the fact that we do not have a situation that is similar to the next one, as every college, every university, every school, every company and every student that we work with are different.  Although we have a list of Q&A, but its an ever changing list, and we keep on updating it to include the new innovations and the new locations etc.  The variety of cases that we deal with did not come about haphazardly, it came about through a well thought of strategy which the team and I had formulated and executed. First of all we are all out and about all the time, we attend fairs, seminars, exhibitions, conferences, talks, interviews, debate items on forums, and debate discussions on the radio and TV.  We also watch out for any new developments and start adapting it or debate its relevance.  We work with different types of students, and for that reason we need to learn different techniques so we know how to handle each type of students.

Of course, when I speak of students, I mean the main stream type! is there really a main stream type? all of us are different like our finger prints and blue prints. We all have some sort of learning difficulty, and we all like some things and dislike others.  However in some situations, there are some kids that are the 8’s and 9’s on the scale of learning difficulties, so we started to look into this factor and add it to our list of “help” items.  I cannot say that we work with special needs, we are not qualified to do so, but the mere fact of knowing the type of LD is enough for us to recommend what the parents should do.  And at this end I would like to introduce my newly formed friend

I lived in the area I am in now for 5 years, and only recently that I knew about a ladies group on Facebook, so I joined it, and to introduce myself I wrote a post about our work.  It was like opening a can of worms guys!! I was kicking myself because I didn’t bother to find this group before.  One comment followed the other and I started meeting people at our neighborhood’s Costa.  One of them is Jin, South African teacher who choose to leave her job and start to teach those kids that are not accepted into main stream schools, of course being at home, the teaching will not be certified, as our countries only understand the norm, and reject the unusual.  Anyway, I didn’t realize that we were talking for more than 2 hours, non stop.  Because of Jin, now I know about few good universities and schools in South Africa, and also got an invitation to Bedford, where her parents live.  I cannot wait to go there and see the mountains and the fields. Of course I gave my bit too and introduced her to my friend who has a Special needs centre, and linking both of them worked like a charm.  I must do something with this quality of mine, I am great at it 🙂

This post is dedicated to those that dedicate their lives to helping others, and one of them is Jin.