Not sure if you remember when I wrote about my family, and how laud we are and how we can all talk at the same time but understand each other, so we could be talking about fashion, telling joks, gossiping about each other, discussing politics, commending each other about our beauty and at the same time answer each other queries.  We are something like a bee hive, full of women and the men in the family are lost, we love them, but they are there for moral support, we the Halwachi girls rule the show.  Of course you will need to imagine us to understand what I am saying.

We have Nehad, who is tall and stunning, and a tongue that can come out and sting you if you say something avant garde, but she is soft and understanding and has a different dynamism in different circumstances.  So she could be the devil’s advocate or she could be the catalyst.  Then we have Sawsan, who is the youngest and the prettiest, as per her description, she is a cancer survivor, so we are all proud of her. She speaks what she thinks and doesn’t keep a secret.

Then there is Elham, who is never there when we want her, as she always lives too far away from us, and always has bad cars that gets accidents and flat tires.  Elham is the thinker in the family, give her a riddle and she is the first to solve it,  of course she is stunning too and maintains that beauty by doing facials and mix concoctions on her own to use on her face as well as ours, Basically we call her the facial witch.  Amal is the salt in every dish, she can be your friend when you are upset, but also your friend when you are friendly, she is the masseuse, the quraan reader, the person that finds the best articles to read so we get rich and so on.  Fadila lives in Kuwait, she married early, and has lots of kids and grandkids, none of us will beat her in that.  When she is around, we lower our voices and we show her the respect that she deserves; However she is with us in our Whatsapp group (all the boys, the girls and few nephews that were smartly chosen by Nehad to join the group) and participate very well, sometimes I have to roll the discussion few meters till I reach her writing.  I must give her that, she is always the first person to greet us good morning, of course that too if Nehad happened to sleep early, and if I am not traveling.

So when we gather, its fun, we never keep a grudge, we tell each other off, and we criticize each other, but at the same time we praise each other like hell, and we complement each other even if we happen to wear rags (only me of course, as they are always wearing designer stuff, oh I forgot to mention that Nehad is also our designer, one day she will be a worldly one).

Next week I have a fair in Qatar, so we decided that its time to go in a group of sisters, I am sure that we will have so much fun, and because of that I will have lots and lots of business.  I noticed that when I am happy work improves, when I am sad we don’t get any new work.  So them going with me will be a refreshing thing.

Will tell you all about it after the event.