This year the highlight of WISE conference was the laureate that won WISE award, people were thrilled to see a woman who was able to do her underground school work and teacher training in spite of the harsh conditions she was living under like many of her counterparts in Afghanistan.  The methodologies she had used in training teachers and children since 1995 brought her remarkable fame and she had been nominated for Noble prize, as well as winning many acclaimed prizes (info on Wikipedia).  what i found interesting that in a county living under the Taliban rule, and where women have been humiliated and killed for silly reasons, this woman can stand high and make a difference.  The more surprising thing is that she had managed to introduce new methods of teaching to the teachers making the student the centre of learning instead of the passive way we teach these days.  I am surprised that no replication of her methodology had been adopted by us the Arab world.

The rest of the conference was great, I personally enjoyed the speech of Her Highness Shaikha Moza and First Lady Michele Obama, the pride of womanhood and the achievements by two remarkable women is beyond description.  this conference made me proud to be woman, and compiled me to continue in the road let by such lamp posts.