If we look from the window of an airplane we will see the wonders created by God Almighty; pretty terrains, colourful trees, wonderous lakes, gorgoeus waters, high mountains, and many more of those beautiful scenaries that we often go on holiday just to admire, and of course relax. We also watch birds as they come in very colourful feathers, enjoy looking at human beings, and other species because some individuals do look so stunning that we cannot but turn our heads to look again! Who created all of this? and why was it all made taking into account the artistic side of our brain? why do some people draw? is it a gift like the gift of inventions, writing, teaching, healing, and all other gifts given to humans so we do things that people need.  And since God created all of these beautiful things, then it comes naturally that we can also create beautiful art, and fascinating sculptures. 

Of course I have not been as good in drawing the way I am in cooking for example, however I love going to art galleries and enjoy seeing work of arts that my many artist friends do; in actual fact I can sometimes read what they drew, or sculpt! I can be called a curator, which is one of my talents, and also I can value art pieces and often the difference is only in one digit. Whenever I see artists I get mesmerised, same as seeing a new book, or looking at a newly born baby. These are my weaknesses, and these are great weaknesses to have I bet  So why am I telling you all of this? lets take it from the start.

Today at the Giftedness conference, one of the boys who is exhibiting his graduation project came to talk to me, I always make people feel at ease, so they pump out their secrets and stories, he opened up to me and told me about his creative writing, and the comic book that he was working on.  Listen to this: first time a bunch of his friends and him wanted to publish one of the chapters of the comic book, the magazine stole the idea and published it without their names.  Then the kids saved money and bought the software and the screen so the artist amongst them will have a good time converting the characters from paper to screen.  They created many characters, and wrote a lot of stories, and wanted to have someone who would help them publish the book, and make the cartoon movies.  No luck.

To make matters worst, the family of the artist found out that he is into drawing, so they prevented him from going to school, confiscated all the equipments, took the phone and removed the internet, and last but not least the boy doesn’t see his friends nor can he talk to them.  When I heard this, my eyes started to tear, but I didn’t want the young boy to know my soft side. I asked him why did they do this? he said that they think drawing is against religion. What? that is totally not true! who is going to protect this boy? who is going to incubate this group, and nourish their talent? we are at the heart of the conference that is supposed to be for helping talented kids? and we hear a story so dangerous like this one? totally beyond belief.

Of course I am in a dilemma now, I don’t know what to do, my professionalism tells me that I should do something about it? but at the same time, his parents will say that I am interfering with their son’s future? parents hate me, as I often ignore them when they accompany the son or daughter to my office, and turn to the boy or girl and ask them: what do you want to do with your life? we do have a say as parents, but at the end of the day, the kid is going to live that life, the life of a doctor, dentist, accountant or engineer, and be misrable for the rest of his/her life. We must expose their tallents and suggest to them ways in which they can actually do more with their studies with the same amount of money.  We help re-engineer their life. However to go to a family and say to them that they are mistaken, and that they have to let the son go to school and draw, then I am really interfering.  If it was my sister or brother I wouldnt fear anything, but total strangers? well, I must think hard to find a way to help the boy out of his home imprisonment.

To cut the story to a real short one, we agreed with the writer that we will help in publishing the first comic book, probably also will help in making the first video, then we can take our cost from the price.  Everybody is happy but the boy imprisoned in his own home.