I am not putting this picture here for laughs, I know whoever did the photo meant it to be for laughs only!!

Our schools and our education requires a revolutionary change. Starting from the subjects, the schools themselves, the teachers, the food at schools, the playgrounds, the curriculum, the quality assurance (both public and private) and last but not least the certification of every person that is at the school system.


We need to stop the jokes and start the work. We have many examples to copy from or we must create a better way! But the status quo must be rejected by all. Our curriculum is geared towards jobs that will not exist and the skills that are required for the new jobs are not focused upon. I think it’s high time that we all give our help as it’s not a simple job for the government and the owners of the private schools. Other advanced countries make their changes after reading theses that the students at universities submit and not from their own thinking tanks. Everyone in the community must lend a hand.


Who is with me!