These days I keep on dreaming that I am in England, Thailand, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries around the world.   I had gone to all of these countries, but not in the past month, but no matter what I do, I dream of them at night.  I can smell the food, I can walk on the greenery, I can swim in its beaches, see its people, talk to its animals, be in its spas and walk on its streets.  Why? now you ask me why!

Since the advent of social media everyone is sharing their trips on its pages, we can avoid going to social media, but one thing we cannot avoid is whatsapp, no matter what we do the picture and comment will come to us, so the number of times we see the countries that I or my family or friend had gone to, no wonder that we will imagine the country and be there with them at that moment.  I remeber before when we used to return from our trips and gather around out families to show them the pictures and reminese with them about the things that we did and the scenaries that we saw; and when everyone gathers we give out the gifts and the various souvenirs to show that we didn’t just have fun we also remembered everyone and got them what we thought they would have liked had they been there.  Nowadays we are with whoever is travelling by the minute, they tell us about it, and we see the happiness in their eyes and their smiles. 

Travel makes us happy, its not because we are not happy as it is, its just that there is something about travel that gives a boost to the energy and acts as a type of vitamin to the body.  When we travel we are compelled to be out and about, to see the various cultures and tastes the food of that country, talk to the people and notice what they do and how they do it, check out their art and the items on sale at the souvenir shops.  in fact that is the first thing i would visit as from there you would know what is so popular and what is a must see, then we see the other stuff.  However when I went to Prague (now it seems a hundred years ago but it was in September only) the taxi  driver who took us to the airport asked us what we did, so my daughter told him about the touristic places likes Charles bridge and the clock, he laughed and said that this is where the tourists go? we don’t go there? so we asked him what the Prague people do? he said we go to the mountains and enjoy the scenery of our country side.  I would do that too, but I guess when we travel we would want to rub our shoulders with the old things around that city, and we forget the nature and what it brings to our lives. 

This bring me to my subject, my brothers went on their annual brotherhood trip to Thailand, and my sisters went to the Pilgrim in Iraq with my mum.  on a minute by minute we know what they did, so those that used to suspect what a person would do while abroad, is nor assured that people had gone abroad just to have fun, talk more, enjoy the country, do their religious stuff, be with the family and have as much happiness as possible.  some of the pictures that I had received follows:

the first lot is the Pilgrim to Iraq

my sister and my cousins who live in iraq    

my mum
another picture of my mum

My mum returning to her roots, accompanied by Amal, my forever traveling sister.
my sister Fadhila, which i wish i had traveled with her and drank her coffee.

Nehad gets a sever pain in her back and neck when she travels, but still she loves it and her face just radiates when she is on a plane.

the selfie story continues even though one is on a pilgrim.
meeting with the cousins

another selfie
The whole family
Imam Ali Shrine in Najaf
This second lot is my brothers annual trip to Thailand
My brothers in Thailand enjoying? not the beautifully cut water melon of course.

wearing th sailors skirts all of them.  lovely

Now that is where i want to be if I was in Thailand.

First Catch, I can smell the barbeque from here.

well, How many did they catch? its only five of them!

I guess they must have stopped here.