I write a lot about Art, because I love it, I want to fill my walls with art pieces, it doesn’t matter if it has a value or not, it just needs to be lovely to look at, and makes you go in it, and imagine that you are walking in those roads, or swimming in that water.  OK, I went to far, soon you will think that I am Mary Poppins!

In my job I get many students who want to study Art or Architecture, of course knowing our schools, we hardly teach fine art, especially once the students reach the high school level, that art class is taken over by extra Arabic, or extra math.  I will change that one day, wait and see.  Anyway, I ask the student to show me his or her work, so we prepare a portfolio together. Or just ask the student to bring a portfolio! mentioning the word “portfolio” to the student is enough to give them a heart attack, so I try to use anther word so he or she are not scared and push art out of the window.  That is why whenever I go to a university or a college I take lots of photographs for students’ art or architecture portfolios, just to make my students feel easy about the task.  My latest visit to University of Plymouth, I did the same; the students have their own studios, which hosts their art pieces, and the architecture students also have their own walls to display their projects.  I admire their thinking and how they came up with those perspectives! I wish I can do the same, but hold on a second!! I am not an artist, daa.

Have a look at these art peices:

You must notice that art comes in many shapes and forms, you are not restricted with canvas and paint, so remember that.

Have a look at the Architecture projects, notice the perspectives too:

So, my kids, don’t restrict your brain, let is guide you to make what your thoughts real, on paper, or on anything else.  Just do it.