Over centuries art was a medium that engaged people from all walks of life; it was performed in the streets, in homes, in houses of god and in palaces. Artists were either despised or adored but most certainly they were not ignored and were always found even if they were deceased.

Life involves two main components: give and take. We all have the tendency to take and forget about giving mainly due to human nature of course. When we mention human rights we all think of “something to be handed over to us”. The basic rights are there to enable us to do, to make and to perform. Other rights are there so when we do, make and perform we are not deprived from our dues. However we all must be givers of rights as well, otherwise the society will be broken into two components, one that gives and another that takes. The inter-relationship of give and take is mistaken all the time and people think that it stops at taking. Giving is so important as without it no one will be able to perform; it’s like the two hands that are needed to clap. I don’t like to use the hand clapping analogy all the time but today I will use it as the concept that I am trying to bring over here requires this analogy to be understood.

Our society had been in turmoil for centuries. The people are always revolting against the government and after a while the government gives them something small and they keep quiet for a while until they revolt again wanting more. This phenomenon happened in many countries around the globe until democracy (the correct democracy) came into existence and people were educated about giving and taking as being a formula that can only be maintained when all of us give and take and these two words are interchangeable between people and governments that we chose. The rights and duties of the citizen has to be maintained at all times and has to be taught is schools and pierced in people’s ears so we do not forget the concept.

This project is my answer to the give and take concept. The project is going to lift the moral of the society to an artistic level. When the artists give they do not expect in return but we who enjoy their art must give and we must give more so we receive more enjoyment. The artists are philanthropic, they believe in depicting god’s creation to make it simpler to understand to our small minds and for that we must be thankful. But mere thanks to them may not allow them to continue their quest of simplifying life and depicting it on canvas hence the project.

“The Curators” are going to enable them to continue their journey of discovery and turn their art into objects for enjoyment and acquisition. We will transfer that journey to the world and work on bringing our society to an international standard.

The Curators will work relentlessly until the world realizes that life without art is not worth living, and that artists need to be exposed, nurtured and celebrated. 

Will you help us achieve this quest?