Art had been my soul mate since childhood, in school I would enjoy those that can drew and use the brush or sculpt something from nothing. I often visit galleries and museums to know more or just to admire the art displayed on the walls and think of each painting to know what the artist was thinking about when he or she was drawing.
So in November 2013 I gathered my strength and contacted a group who were not working at the time, and formed a dream team, told them that I had an idea, and thought if I find a team to help me to do it, then something great is going to happen because of it.  We melted like wax and our colors became a rainbow that is admired by everybody.  The team was selfless, worked day and night to make the idea a real thing. We documented and narrated the work and art of a huge number of known and unknown Bahraini artists.
Each member of the team brought in certain strengths and characteristic to the project, some with their wits, some with their writing skills and some with their convincing abilities, the work was difficult but what the team had generated in 5 months was the work of an army that couldn’t have been done in years. 
The curators is the name of the team, we now have a website, social media accounts, a store full of art, auto bibliography of almost 200 artists, and an idea that will be unleashed soon to the public, all we are missing is funds to print the book, and a place to show and sell the art and people that believe in the Bahraini artists and buy their art.
I am hoping that we will achieve our target.