I would like you to imagine this scene that happened a 150 years ago, every artist in the world had submitted his two or three of their painting to a jury of experts, who would vote on each painting, the deemed unacceptable would be stamped with the red letter R for rejected, those that are accepted would be hung in the walls of the Palais; the winners were celebrated and the losers hitchhiked their way home and went back to work to start again for the following year.  What I am asking you to imagine is the SALON, the place that accepts and rejects artists not only on the basis of how they draw, but on their chosen style too, people would commit suicide if their art is not chosen by the jury of the Salon, as they would think that they had no talent. 
In that time few artists decided they would go away from that norm and start a Salon of their own as their art was not approved at the time, so if these artists didn’t do this, until today we will only have the flying angles, the pretty women and the portraits of the kings and queens hung on every museum wall.  The world would not have seen the art of Monet, Manet, Cezanne, Renoir, Pissarro and Degas.
This group supported each other morally and financially, they were the heart and soul of the new movement and if they didn’t think of making their own Salon, new forms of art would not have been generated. 
This group was the leader of the impressionist’s movement, and I bet you if we did more research we will see a similar scenario happening with other movements of arts like the surrealism, the expressionists, the symbolism, Dada, futurism, the art deco and others.
We are born in a time where each one of us has to fend for oneself, we will gain the support only if we blend with the general theme of what the community wants us to be and think, we will only reach our goals if we pursue them ourselves, and no matter what we do, achieving a life of fulfillment will only be gained if we exert our efforts to achieve.  To live in a community one has to give, and to give a lot, the expectation of receiving from the community in its true meaning had begged goodbye to us for a long while now.  Those with similar or lesser talents may realize their dreams but in ways that are not based on justice, but on who you know. And those that have the real talents are left to dream on their own, maybe they will reach fulfillment and maybe not, hence what we are trying to do.
We will be the dream team, so when the artists tell us about a project, we will not dismiss it because its moving away from the norm, we will tell the artist, come, give us your hand we will dream with you and create a new movement.
This movement will be called the Bahrainism, where a blend of all art movements had appeared and new movements based on the lives of the Bahraini people is emerging.  Our county had been on a Jennie’s palm for a while now, which had given the artists in us a brilliant field to create.  I hope that our world will remain in turmoil, as without the poverty, the injustice and the rough life art forms are not created.