Let me tell you a story about me, I am a movie junky, I watch a movie a day (sometimes two), sometimes I even watch the same movie so many times (I can name a few of these like Devil wears Prada, The holiday, etc). Please don’t ask me why, it could be a word that an actor had said, or something that I like came in the movie, like a pretty house or some nice food, or the actor is funny or the actress is my favourite.  For example I watched a Castle for Christmas at least 5 times so far, first because I loved Brook Shields, and it was about books and writing (I aspire to be one). Of course my kids always remind me that if I want to be a writer I must spend those hours in writing not on rewatching the same movie.  Well, what can I say except that I am a movie junky.

Anyway, let me get to the point, the old movies are clear, they do normal things, like a husband and a wife, a boy friend and a girl friend and so on, there is nothing of what is being promoted these days with the idea to make us extinct, like a man with a man and a woman with a woman, changing the sex of a person, promoting words that are new to the dictionary (such as little children are called “they” until they grow up and decide what they want to be).

I do believe that all of these alien concepts are being created to harm humanity in some way or the other. LGBTQ is the trick the inventors created to reduce the world population, same as creating viruses and vaccines (Covid is only a year ago).  We have a vast amount of land and sea that any number of people can live on, and we have the space with its vast (unmeasured) size, who knows how many galaxies are there? we have infinite space, but there are those that think that only a billion people must live, and all of us (the others) must perish. well I for one don’t want to perish. I am sure I have a value in this world, and I can make a difference, and I do hope that my children and grandchildren and their future generation will be around until something happens and we all go to heaven.

Ok lets start, the old movies (prior to 2016) didn’t promote same sex love, in fact I have seen only a few, and it was done quietly, without any fuss, now every movie has this concept, and it is slowly intertwined into children movies and cartoons too. We have to screen the movie before allowing the children to watch it.  Which is sad, imagine having to pay twice to go to the movies, once to watch it alone, and the second time to take the children.  Very sad indeed.

The other day I watched a favourite movie of mine called “As good as it gets”.  Now we all know that Jack Nicholson is a great actor who is also very vocal, if he doesn’t like something he will say it and may even add new sentences which the directors didn’t suggest. In this movie, he was against Blacks, same sex people, dogs, dirt in the streets and so on. This movie can never be produced now, of course I didn’t like the idea of hating people of different colour; wait a minute, I am a person of different colour! as we all have merits, but maybe at the time this movie was produced the US was still governed by white people. In fact black only movies is a recent thing, and the segregation of black and white happened in my life time (so not very long ago that it had changed) in most films the blacks were the house maids and the drivers, rarely would you see a manager who is black.  I guess the first movie with a black teacher was To Sir with love

What I am trying to say here is that, same sex love is up to to the same sex people, and because it is not normal, it must not be shoved in our throats in every series or a movie or even a novel (Many of these must add a chapter or two about same sex love or marriage), the most notorious advancer of Same sex movies is Netflex, i guess they are also briefed to do this.

Let’s create a new world order that promotes long lives and a better earth for everyone.