Maybe you haven’t watched this movie, its a 2007 production, and has two of my favourite actors, one of them is Robin Williams (RIP) and the other is Freddie Highmore acting as an autistic doctor in the series that is depicted from the Korean series ” the good doctor”.

I am just trying to save my own children and grand children here, everyone can do the same if they care and they have an eye and an ear to what is going on in the world now (a mere 16 years ago).

The movie starts with a child who is in foster home, he hears music in everything, the sound of the wind, wind chimes hitting each other, birds chirping, and anything that makes any sound.  He was given into adoption as his grandfather didn’t think that his daughter should waste her time with children and must focus on her music. The boyfriend was also a musician, and that is how the two had met.

The boy runs away from the foster home, to see the person from social services who visited to check on the children. He had given him his card. And that is how everything started, he hitchhikes his way to new York, he loses the card, he finds a boy playing a guitar, they hit it on, he takes him to his makeshift house where a greedy man (Robin Williams) looks after them (all kids are musicians in one way or the other) he starts playing the guitar and he meets his father (he doesn’t know that yet). The caretaker or the protector (?) takes a certain affinity to the boy, and gives him a name “August Rush” and wants him to play in pubs and other places.  At the end the boy runs away, and he hides in a church under the bed of a little girl.  She teaches him how the notes work, she comes back from school and the music room is full of musical notes, so a pandora’s box had opened, she tells the priest, who takes the boy to Juilliard school, they accept him as he is a prodigy, somehow the parents and the boy meet at the musical orchestra held in central park.

Great movie, and also a simple love story between a man, a woman, and a child, none of the nonsense that is happening these days.

Don’t take me wrong, whatever you do, is your business, but dont make it everybody’s business and compel us to adopt it or brainwash our naive children to be copycats.

I feel this conspiracy theory had gone too far, we need to form our own opinions and practices, and we do not want someone shoving information into our throats .  I am not against personal choices, but I am against any one changing my personal choice and making me feel bad that I am a straight person.

I have been a friend to many same gender love people, and we did have a great discussions, on various things especially education. now however even education had changed to incorporate an agenda that is alien to me. I will not tolerate it any more.