The past few weeks have been so hectic for me, we were shuttling between two countries sorting out new home, renting our home, sending our cars, sending full home content and running to complete formalities of various billing parties.  Of course we cannot say that everything is done as we may need another month to say that we have finally settled.  Well, this is a story! and we think its worth telling you about!

We came to the UAE in May 1981, at the time it was a move for one year only,  now we are in May 2016, which is 35 years later, and finally we are moving back.  We never intended to stay for that long, however, work, travel, children schools, and finally our company were all here in the UAE.  Work was so easy, and life itself was so easy but we only realised that we may have to move when our third child found a job in Bahrain too, that was a sign.


I feel so bad leaving my friends and my sisters and brother, but to console myself I also have my mum, my sisters and my brothers in Bahrain, my friends of school and university are also all in Bahrain and that makes the move much easier. The main reason though is that my husband and I want to be real grand dad and grand mum for the grand children, we want to teach them, tell them stories, take them to school and do some gardening with them.  I want them to inspire me to write more short stories, finish my book and leave them a legacy so they can brag about me to their school friends.  I feel that work can get on without me, I have competent people running the work, hopefully my students will also be taken care of.  But is it the right time to do that? I think only time can tell.


The UAE has been my country for 35 years, I loved its systems, its Rulers,  its government and its institutions, I felt that life there is so easy, and I think its a great country to live in.  I hope that the UAE will not forget about me as I will never forget it and will always appreciate the fact that all the opportunities that I have received in my life was partly due to being in the UAE and of course partly because we have pursued them