Every morning, since I don’t know when, I wake up and have to endure at least an hour of tooth ache! even though I am wearing my mouth guard, brush my teeth, not eating hard stuff that it breaks, being soft on them in choosing the right food, still my mouth hurts, my jaw hurts, my teeth are broken and chipped and every bridge/crown/dentures that is fixed in my mouth eventually breaks. I am scared to chew gum, or to eat grapes with seeds or do anything that is going to embarrass me in public (break a front tooth so they call me a toothless person!)

I just finished a week of antibiotics which I prescribed to myself to recover from that abscess that made my day and night full of agony.  Don’t forget that I cannot smile because every crown fixed on my tooth has a different colour! if I smile people will soon swear at the dentist that worked on my teeth, and  I had many dentists, so all will be sworn at. Even the job of braces that I did was not up to standards, as my teeth had gradually returned to their position pre braces. I am not going to mention what happened when I had the operation for the implant (which is shaking as we speak and soon will fall) I looked like a micky mouse for a month, and when I asked the dentist he said its because I am old. 

Is it me, my dentist, or is it that university that taught my dentist?

Well I may have one or more bad habits like sometimes fall asleep without brushing my teeth, or forget to wear my night guard, I clinch a lot when I am sleeping, and so on, while awake however, I do look after them but without paranoia.

My dentists would never have been able to enter a university if he or she were not smart! I know this for a fact, as I am trying to place students at dental schools which is proving to be very difficult, for both undergraduate and post graduate.  However, maybe all the factors of high achieving are applicable to the dentists but once he or she join the university to learn he or she don’t attend their classes but still maintain an average pass rate so they become mediocre dentists and I fall into their trap. Maybe the dentist falls in love with a fellow dentist and they skip classes and meet at the library to talk about their future and how they will make so much money out of rich kids like me.

Or, which is more interesting I guess, the universities around the world make it a point to teach the dentists good stuff and bad stuff, as teaching good stuff only will mean that after a while no one would visit the dentists and they have to close down, so to make it compulsory for us to visit the dentists regularly they perform less then acceptable job on our mouth forgetting that it’s the most important part of our body. 
But isn’t this the fact of life? Very one these days cut corners, use cheaper materials, do not apply the first principle of quality (which is check if it works) and try to benefit from the wealth of the nation even though having the nation healthy will make more sense. Think of the stuff that you buy these days, how many times out of ten did these thinks function properly? So why am I obsessed with dentistry?
I think us the educators have a role to play, if we insist that teaching to very high standards is a number one priority and all of us leave that university that insists on mixing the good with the bad, then no university will dare to teach in a bad way, and my mouth will be at its best.