We reached the airport an hour ago, was happy that I will see mum after almost a month, strode with my husband to fill the foreigners form, then I waited with him in the foreigners lane.  Till now we are waiting as his passport is gone in the deep hole were they check for something that non of the poor staff at the airport know.

You know how that made me feel? A non respected Bahraini citizen? Well I know of course that I am not respected in my own country, but to show my husband that I have to be with him waiting for his passport to be cleared means that he will also know that I am not respected, and because of this, he will not respect me.  So any Bahraini, male of female who are married to foreigners, please prepare for the war that is going to happen inside your own homes, or else do not travel to Bahrain (or travel alone if you need to travel). Will to me I would rather stay in Dubai, the country that hosted me for 31 years and gave me all the possibilities than come here and be humiliated.  I know that whatever I do will not remove the twinkle in my husband’s eye that says, hay, your country made me wait at the airport for a long time, I will not respect you!

And to make matters worse, the poor airport staff were telling me that I should go to immigration and sponser my husband and make him a resident of Bahrain so he doesnt have to wait at the airport! Did this person actually visit the immigration office in Bahrain? I guess not, as my shoes were worn out due to the number of times I went there to get the amiri decree implemented, they seem to have different interpretation to that decree that was given to me to sponsor my kids and husband almost 7 years ago. 

Oh well. If Bahrain loves us the CITIZENS of BAHRAIN, then it will not let our partners disrespect us just because our country does so.