I hear news, I receive BBMs, I read tweets, blogs, YouTube videos, Facebook Walls and notifications, and I compare.  There are two types of people, or rather three, one who is with the cry for change in Bahrain, and one that is totally in denial, and the third one is fast asleep.  I am not going to be talking about those that are fast asleep, maybe they are under prozak effect so we do not need them, also I will not talk about why those that are crying for change are being battered as we speak by a bunch of hooligans.  These hooligans have no idea why they were created in this life to begin with let alone understand how should people live their lives.  We should never had allowed them to hold the Bahraini nationality. We could have given the nationality to the foreigners who already live and work in Bahrain and respect it’s people. Other countries who provide nationalities check every aspect of the person’s life including criminal and medical history prior to allowing them to hold their nationalities.  But we, rather bring the criminals and allow them to hold our nationality.  Still I am not talking here about this group.

In this blog the third group is my target.  Until when the journalists are closing their eyes? They swore an oath to protect humanity and say the truth no matter what, else they leave that job for ever.  The ability of writing is a huge responsibly and need not be abused.  History repeats itself, many people who where using their pen to protect the killers are now regretting it and are writing their memoirs to apologise and show remorse and regret. Read for example the confessions of an economic hit man, this guy was wrecking the world knowingly and just because he regrets that he wrote all about it exposing himself and his counterparts to the world.  So this is as far as the journalists goes.

Also Those that do not want change because they are benefiting from the rotting system, should either keep their silence for ever or leave their laptops, blackberries and Iphones as the noise they are creating on the social media is going to be haunting them for ever.  Every tweet is a page on the Internet, and even if it’s not it is a wave that is going to be recorded for ever and will be heard on the day of judgement, so let them keep away from the social media as this is their safe option as even if they change their mind later on there is no remorse. 

I am really worried about my country, I am even contemplating approaching neighbouring countries who are loved by their people to interfere to solve the situation in Bahrain, to my astonishment those that live in Bahrain are happy to watch those that are getting bashed by foreigners with swords and are actually standing side by side those foreigners just because they do not want change to happen. 

If you have read alwaqea article in Qur’an you will notice that it is talking about these three groups too, it basically condemns the people that are not believers. And beliefs that are promoted by this higher authority are the ones that the youth in Bahrain are asking for; that is good life, freedom, and happiness.

I wish all of you Peace, prosperity and happiness, I wish all of you freedom and thriftiness, I wish all of you a good night sleep and waking up in the morning knowing fully well that life as we all knew it in Bahrain is at last had seen the last sunshine.