I can remember when my nephew behaves in a mischievous ways, and when his parents call me to do something about it; being old school I ask him to stand for 5 minutes facing the wall, and sometimes I ask him to left his leg up and raises his hand up while facing the wall. But that is as far as I went with all the children of my family, including mine; when I became a teacher I would be careful to treat the students well even if they misbehave as that could ruin their future. One thing, however, I will never accept which is cheating, as those who cheat will only make it in life to a certain level, and then fail anyway. Expulsion never happened with me, nor did it happen in any institution that I worked in. I actually made sure that wherever I worked the student was respected to the end. Which brings me to the subject of today’s blog?

Expelling students from universities due to cheating, misbehaving, killing a teacher, destructive behavior to university or school assets, stealing, or any reason that is written in the school code of practice or the school code of conduct is a reasonable effect to the conduct in question. However, I have never heard that one can expel a student due to him or her misbehaving in a shopping centre or in the streets. say for example that a boy goes out in his car, sees a girl in another car, he likes her, so he tails her and when she comes down of her car, he gives her his phone number, the girl reports him to the police. The police tell the boy off, give him a put on the back of his hand and send him home, also they tell the girl that maybe he is a nice boy, so she shouldn’t just report every Tom, dick and Harry that gives her a phone number and should have a life. The next day the boy goes to college, the principle calls him to room 11.28 and gives him a letter of expulsion from school. The boy says why? The principle says that he heard rumors that he was chasing a girl and he was at the police station. What should the boy do?
1. The first thing before he raises a hand should ask for copies of his transcripts stamped and sealed in envelops,
2. Then he should ask for some reference letters from his favorite teachers, on the same day, otherwise news will spread tomorrow and no one will give him a reference letter or even few of them. The thing is as soon as word gets out and teachers and students hear about the expulsion they will all think that this student had done something disastrous to school and even though he was a great student he will never gain their respect. Our memories are short, and we only remember what happened today and yesterday, so better to do this sooner than later.
3. Takes copies of the letter of expulsion and gives it to a lawyer or let his dad go to a lawyer and asks for opinion. If the dad is in prison for any reason the student should go to one or two of his immediate family members and asks for help.
4. The student has to start blogging about this and goes to all the embassies in his country to mention that his expulsion was unwarranted, and asks for a scholarship to go to a university in that country.
5. Calls all his friends and tell them what happened so they avoid chasing girls and giving their phone numbers to them.
6. If all fails, the student should stay calm and continues to smile, as there are other ways of continuing ones education.

The worst that can happen to anyone is sulking, it doesn’t help anyone, and life is too short to waste another minute.

I am sorry guys, I had to be a bit discreet when I wrote this, as I don’t want to divulge information on whom I am writing this blog to, and why he or she were expelled. Also I don’t want to be emotional; someone in these circumstances should stay calm and think.
I hope that the student this blog is written about reads and carry’s on the suggestions.