My friend’s daughter traveled to Kenya, she went raa raa about it, and what she saw there, apparently everyone’s camera was pointed to the lions and tigers for hours just to witness a killing?? What! I said? What do you mean by that? She said that people on safari watch the lions kill zebras and other animals for food. She didn’t see a killing though.

When she showed me the photos, few captured my soul, I was dreading to ask, but I had to, what is this? She said that that is the homes of the villagers? Oh my god? It was a mere two by two, dark, damp, a little opening to hang their belongings, a piece of wood balanced on hedges on the wall to place the cup, saucer and the one cooking equipment? The whole thing is built from mud. The children playing outside that wee hut, with flies stuck on their faces. They were not wearing shoes or slippers, and apparently they only see food once in a while.

You will wonder why am I narrating the obvious? These scenes are displayed on websites, newspapers, magazines and all the social media, we also see them on TV, and hear about them on Radio, so we know about this fact. Agreed, but to see photos that a person I know had taken makes more of an impact. Then the next day the was another photograph in one of the daily papers showing kids with eyes only, there bodies are so fragile, and they both look like a million years old mummies! I am not kidding, I had dreams about these two boys for days, and every time I see them in the dreams all I say is thank you, thank you god, and repeat it till I go back to sleep.

I am a humanitarian, with my small means I try to help everybody, and if I have a biscuit in my hand, and see a poor child, I will either forgo it or split it in halves (I am rarely hungry these days anyway as I am having those slimming capsules that puts you off food, maybe I will also be a mummy myself :)). However what surprises me is that the people of that country are actually eating, and are becoming so fat (I see some of the men and women doing their business in the Souqs of Dubai) and never bothering about these fragile kids, and what about the government? I hear that they break their morning fast with caviar and champagne? also all the airlines collect our lose change to give to hungry children, emirates, British Airways, Virgin, Qatari, Ettihad and so one all have those envelops, where is the money? who is taking it? what is happening to this world guys, its frustrating to see these images produced daily and placed in our daily papers, to make us feel even more angry about the world and the system.

What I want you to do every morning is to open your eyes and say your thanks for waking up, and being able to open your fridge and have your cereal and milk, or if you are like me, have your bowl of tablets. And have an audacious vision or aim to stop all hunger and maltreatment in the world by 2014. We can work on this and kill poverty and hunger if we want, and I am sure all of you would want this, but there are some of us who are not happy to help, and always would say that oh, another person can do so, and not me, these people with greed need to be eradicated from this world, only if we eradicate them then we will not dream every night of two infants that look like Egyptian mummies due to hunger.