IMG_4475 I haven’t been spending time with friends for a long time, as have been very busy with work, family and grandkids which made my limited precious time even more limited, so a great reduction of friendship meetings had happened.  Also whenever I travel I am so consumed with work that rarely that I find enough time to spend with friends.  However this time and during my recent visit to New Zealand I have made sure that we gather at one place or find an hour or two to meet my friends that I have missed since moving back home.

IMG_4541Of course overtime when I meet my friends its like we have met only yesterday, you know its like we have never stopped seeing each other for such a long time, we start our conversations from where we stopped it years ago, and know that everything is fine, that their work is progressing, their children had grown up, graduated, got married, and have grandkids, just like me, also seeing how some stopped their work, or started small businesses or something of the sort, is so intriguing and it only happens in one in a million.  I have always made friends with people from all walks of life, and different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds; little that we had all thought of our differences and our characters, all of us just behave as real friends that care about each other and feel sorry if something wrong happened to any of us, at the same time feel very happy if something good happened to us.


IMG_4593In times like this, when the whole world is divided, when the wars are happening every where, when religious differences are creating creeks that are getting wider and wider between the people, when countries fight for no reason and when groups behead people for no apparent reason having friends like mine is something to be proud off.  I am so glad that I had kept my friends, and will swear to keep them forever.