I really love myself, as I am not that tall to turn heads, or too short to turn more heads, not that pretty to be looked at and not that ugly so people look twice and be disgusted with, I work hard but no one notices, make money but not that much that I look rich, and do anything I want to do in this world, but I feel that the world is going round and round around me without being noticed.  I prefer it this way, as I can achieve lots without being bothered by paparazzi or gossips or anything of this sort.  If you write my name on Google you will get a lot of pages, but none of those pages have anything that damages my reputation, or even enhances it, so I am like that little river that continues to flow and nourishes the flowers and bushes around it, but its too small to have bridges built over it, and too shallow to enable fishing or even swimmers to wade in its waters.

Why did I think of this now? because I was talking to a friend of mine about life in general and discussed few people that I haven’t met for ages, she mentioned that one of our mutual friends had gone into a property job, and as you know if you are a propery dealer, you get to take people to view the place, and the people can be male or female, you cannot possibly decide that your clients have to be male or female only, or can you? I think if we do this then we are cutting away half of the possible clientele that we could ever have, and who said that women must work with women only, and men with men? I believe that if we are proffessional in our working relationships then it doesnt matter if we work with the opposite sex, as sex will not come in between us (this is what everyone in this world fear mostly).  Anyway, back to our little story, my friend said that since our mutual friend got that job, she had been the talk of the town, something of a “gossip girl” or “desperate housewives” titbits that we are bored of these days. 

I only have two questions here, why would a job in property tarnishes ones reputation, and why is it when a man gets a similar job, and makes so much money, people will say that he is very clever, but when it comes to women all we can think of is the reputation?

When will the society start to respect women for what they do, or should women only be doing jobs that are like mine so they stay below the radar limit?

I wonder