Please don’t take me wrong, I love brands, they do represent the elite in the society, and the guys became brands because they worked so hard to achieve what they had achieved. And by the way, by brands I mean anything from cloths makers, accessories makers, bags &shoes makers, furniture makers, architicts, artists and so on from those people that made a difference for humanity. 

But my blog today is not on who is wearing or buying those products, my blog is about the label. Yes, that little thing that is stitched at the back of your shirt, teeshirt, nightdress, pants, panties, trucksuit, and anything that is to go on the body.  That label that is considered a must to show the identity, a must to make a statment, a must to tell the world that here is another product of mine, and the person that wears it is also saying look I am wearing this brand!.  This annoying piece of material that changes into a sharp object or a klashincov that hits the part it comes in contact with at a speed of 1000 miles per minute; you suddenly want to itch and itch and slowly want to undress and perform a striptease show.  Don’t forget the way you would move, its as if a bee had gone inside you and started to sting you a millimeter at a time and makes you go side by side to touch those infected areas, ultimately your body becomes numb, and all you can think of is that you must cut that clothing item to peices so you get rid of all the insects that had infected it and burn the damn thing.  You would swear that once you reach home you would remove it and when you do, of course the sure thing will happen, you will damage the item, and you can never wear it again.  At that point all you want to do is to make a shirt from the thousands of these contagious labels,  stich them together and make every brand maker wear them for a day, and tie their hands so they cannot etch, lets see how they will feel.

Once I went to a chair manufacturing factory, all they were thinking of is how will a person feel after sitting in the same chair for three or more hours; (well sometimes I dont move from my chair for three hours and of course when I go to the movies I don’t move for over three hours) the factory had a team of ergonomic engineering checking how the back, legs, knees and other body parts would behave if stationed for hours in the same place. Of course they came up with the lazy chair, and other types that would make you comfortable and relaxed. ~These guys know how to get your money and make you smile at the same time.  After all who wouldn’t want to relax in a chair for a long time? I think every one who is making stuff to be used, worn, touched and handled by human beings should have a team of ergonomic engineers working with them to make our life tolerable, livable and comfortable.

This is a warning to every manufacturer, please look after my neck and other parts of my body that is touched by your labels, you can stick the labels in a little bag and hang it on the item, so we can remove it easily and enjoy your product.