Few networking events took place over the past few weeks and I had gone to all of them, I am actually in China for networking with companies that are similar to us. I belong to at least 10 different groups in the UAE that regularly hold sessions and opportunities for business people to meet and discuss the situation in the business world; however, I go to all of them if time permits.

What surprises me is the variety of business ideas that are emerging these days; it is not traditional businesses that are sprouting, instead we find that many have come up with unique offerings and they are really doing well too. For example one company really attracted my attention, a woman started a business renting out secretaries. Well, what could be the reason for someone to hire a part time secretary? is it because good secretaries are hard to find? or because those good ones are prohibitively expensive that no one can afford them. The other business was with this PHD/master person who teaches Chinese culture. His course is a month long, he talks about art, history, language and other stuff; So far so good, nothing out of the ordinary. He also teaches interesting Chinese cultural stuff, like horoscope, Feng Shui, herbal and acupuncture medicine. Thus far that too is not our of the ordinary. What was extraordinary was his price! guess how much he charges for a day’s work and the day is only 6 hours and includes four breaks? 10000 dollars? and his programme is a month long. Which means that he earns $300000 per month! other than the likes of Clinton, Bill Gates and Donald Trump, I haven’t seen anyone that earns from a job so much money. Of course this is his money, so if you want to hire him, and ask him to run a course for your organization, you will need to double that amount to cover for the other costs involved in training. So let us say that you did a week’s workshop, 5 days x 10000= 50000 dollars, this goes to him, and a similar amount goes to you. And if you get 15 persons to join the course (not sure if people are willing to pay or attend a programme that can or cannot show them the light after the dark tunnel)then each one would pay almost 7000 dollars. There you go, why not do something like this if you like! he also provide consultation for a better energy flow in your house or office for 500 dollars per square meters. I wouldn’t like to see the face of the person who lives in a 10,000 meters house after he finds out that he has to pay the equivalent to his house value in order to better feel the energy? well call me skeptic, but i cannot squander the money i earn the hard way like this. This story doesn’t end like this of course. This person doesn’t speak another language, even though he is interesting to look at but you cannot pay so much money and no be able to understand what he says? unless of course he has borrowed that wand from Harry and would say wingardium leviosa and put a spell on you. Thus we need to add the cost of hiring an interpreter to translate what this Master would say. would you be able to find one though?

The other company with the funny name, education intelligently, is another example of creating value by making up a good catchy name. This business teaches computer skills and language programmes,so there is nothing so intelligent about their business; but the name makes them receive 1000’s of students every year, and this makes them very successful.

So, what I am trying to say here is that, any one of us can either create something new or be an accessory to help those that create something new. Can we start focusing to create those new business that will attract people to buy into them?