Today I am talking about careers and how students should think about them early in life, before even thinking of what to study.  Why? Because every person should know what he or she like to do.  I had bought a software when we started the consultancy that provide various choices to students and once the students take the test we analyse and let him or her know if the thing they like to do is what actually suit their personality.  One doesn’t want to spend his or her youth working on something that is not enriching.  However since then we found out that there are lots of softwares used by schools and by counsellors, psychologists and other career advisors that help children find their path.  

Psychometric testing is one of the best if administered properly. However many companies had used it in a way that is so negative and hence the avoidance of people to undertake that test.  So many new companies have started to provide advise on how to read the report and how it should be used. One thing the report cannot be used for is sacking people from their jobs.  So we are all working so hard on informing the companies,  if they listen to us will and good, otherwise we advise our students to go to professionals and seek better analysis and a second opinion.

A career is not only a way to make a living, it’s an experience into the unknown, a proof that one is good enough, a thriving of the brain and an exercise to the muscles.  Careers are a way of life, a method to see if what is out there is suitable.  However we should not mistake careers with paid jobs only; careers can be your own business, a proffessional skill like accountant, lawyer, dentist or doctor, vocational trades, and everything in between.  All these careers come from within the individual and if you find out early what you are good at, you would save your self from boredom, plus you will enjoy living. There is nothing like doing something that you hate! It’s like being in hell.  Instead find out what you like  and just do it.

Don’t forget however that next to your career is your hobby or hobbies, these are to be norished too and a balance should be struck between them, like everything in life one must have a balanced life style.  But if your career and your hobby are one and the same, you will spend your life happy and actually having fun! As work is not routine and its your own creation 

I will tell you about me, being 56, and having just found out what I like to do, was a revelation, no wonder I have been spending every minute of my time on this newly discovered hobby.  If a counsellor had put me in the right direction when I was 15! I would for sure be an outlier now, think of the wonderful stuff that I would have achieved.  

Do the test and spend the money, otherwise you will be losing all your money if you don’t (I used to spend all my money on shopping as I got bored everyday after returning home from my job now I don’t even have time to do any shopping). Also someone once said that if you are passionate about what you do, then you will not work for the rest of your life, as an enjoyable work is a hobby.