My cat was not feeling too well, yesterday was her appointment with the vet, she was checked and an injection was given, so all is cool so far. Her heart was pumping while we were there, these guys know where they are and can smell fear, how come we have no idea about this side of things? A question to ponder upon this morning!

Anyway, I asked the Vet about the chip that they installed last week under the skin of the cat, he said that I need to ring the company if the cat is lost, or I can buy a GPS system to track her. Now I know that you will all say that I am metfargha and Alnas fi lajlajah walaroos tuba rajel. Please bear with me. Anyway, I told him oh wow, so if I put one under my skin people can tell where I am?? That is so cool. He said of course, it is happening already in germany, a simple incession and a chip is fixed in the arm, the people who are leaving the Borders only stick their hands out of the car into this machine or scanner and all their information is provided. He says that this is the next thing that is going to happen.

This reminded me of a discussion with the kids couple of weeks ago. I was telling them that when the end of the world happens, people will see the event on the palm of their hands! They laughed, I said what about the real time news that you see on your blackberry son? And what about the new advancement in fashion industry that is on your new torch girl? Are you not putting these gadgets on the palm of your hands? Of course you are. So I rest my case. Then we, of course, digressed into different subjects, and each one of us brought in a new subject and we didn’t know where we started, as happens with arab families I guess, we all have something to say and we all have to say it at the same time. Anyway, I was telling them that talking is a wave, so why do we need a phone to talk to someone? Why can’t we simply have a thingy fixed inside our heads, and this thingy will know if someone wants to talk to me! Like now my phone knows that Mum’s phone is ringing me? So that chip will also do the same? Of course the discussion that came out of this was great, no one wants to believe that what I was saying could happen, I am no Nostrqdamos, but i could predict things!! like time travel? it happened, when you travel to Los Angeles you can reach in an hour that you spent already somewhere else; and you could be still living Monday and talk on the phone to a friend who is already in Tuesday. Once I was talking to two friends on a conference call, I was in New Zealand, one of the friends in Chicago, and the other one in Bahrain, isn’t that time travel? We were all in a different time zones. I always make a joke, that in New Zealand we hear the news few days late, for example we heard about 11th of September on the 12th of September. I still remember that I took a piece of my daughter’s Birthday and bom, we heard the news, so they thought that I was celebrating it?

Back to the chip thingy, not sure if you heard this song (you got me under my skin!) by Frank Sinatra, this chip reminded me of this. Do you think that when someone starts to love someone they insert a chip under their skin?

Let’s continue the discussion on what th future could hold?