I never thought I will say this, but I have a communication breakdown between my family and I! Am I growing old and having a drift between reality and fiction? Or did the family change while I was sleeping? Or maybe I am living in a searching world and they are living in the world. Not sure what it is, however I feel that it’s time that I relieve my stress, smile, think positively and wish that I get into the middle of the road where my kids and I can meet to discuss, worried that a car will come and crush us??!! (metaphorically of course), I hope not. Or maybe I should take a course on communication skills?

Well let me start from the beginning, I woke them up early as we had to go to Abu Dhabi for some chores, they shouted saying that I am not too kind in waking them up, then on the way I was talking on the phone and they shouted Saying am speaking too load, then I called one of the staff to ask for certain jobs as nicely as I can, they shouted saying that I should just ask for the job to be done without being nice. Then when we reached our destination, I found a dying plant so I started to remove the dead leaves, the eyes of the kid popped out! Then while doing that I took a cutting, by this time they almost melted on their chair. So I told them that this act will take me a step closer to heaven, and taking a cutting will put me two steps closer to the same heaven! They didn’t believe me of course. On the way back I queried about the car that has been in the garage for over a month, and that I should call them, they screamed that I should not interfere as they are capable of solving this issue themselves.

Then I meet another one of my kids at the expo, and now he says that I should breath, and read some verses of Quraan to relax. At the end if the day I went to the Entrepreneur workshop, and bingo! I realized the problem!!!!

Us the Entrepreneurs have problems or risks, these can be financial, relational and psychological. Well, I think I am reaching the third risk, the kids realized it too so they are giving me a holiday, and taking over the work. Yaay, success at last.