I love both, as either of them is better than holding real cash in your hands.  From the time I had a bank account I had felt that we should never hold coins, notes or anything to do with money between our fingers! I am not the paranoid type of person, however holding money in the hand is as easy as eating a pack of crisps, it goes faster than it comes. 
So when my bank handed me my first ATM card, I went for it.  I loved how in more civilised countries they ask you if you need cash out too (like if you need to put some money in a card for a birthday) or (if you need to give cash out for any occasion like kids pocket money and so on).  Then my bank asked me if I want to use a credit card? Now whats that, I thought? It turned out to be a way to know what one is spending ones money on, and an organiser.  I had never used a credit card as a loan; the banks would lose if all their clients are like me, I pay the used amount on the due date, in actual fact I don’t pay on the due date, the bank pays for the card on the due date (via a standing order). 
I find it easy to organise my expenses and to know what I spent the money on, and reflect on whether I needed that thing or not?  However, comes the next month, and I still see more coffees and cakes, more dinners and more cinema trips, do we ever learn?? I wonder. 
Its my 20th year using a credit card and longer for the ATM card, my daughters know my pin code and can sign in my place, so its not me that has a statement as an organiser, its them.  sometimes I receive a hundred sms messages  from my bank to tell me that I had to top up the plastic, so some time I do, some times I don’t.  It depends if the girls had left some money in the account or had also topped it up!!  guard your loins guys, keep those plastics in a deep hole, else the kiddies will get hold of them and make you declare bankruptcy sooner than later. 

The last sentence is of course a figure of speech.