When I got invited to this wedding, I thought oh no, Malaysia! too far, and only five days? so I was hesitant, but at the end, I thought its worth it as I needed a break.  My daughter then changed her mind and decided to also come with me, and my husband also thought of it and tagged along; the three of us had so much fun together as well as enjoyed thoroughly the wedding that we all have nostalgia now.

imageimageimageLangkawi was so nice, the weather was just perfect, the beach was blue, not too many people and the hotel stunning.  We walked in the forest, looked at the monkeys and listened to the birds. The nature was so serene to the extent that one forgets the hustle and bustle of life while looking at those trees.

imageimageimageWhat made the wedding great is the small group of people that attended it; we got to know everyone by first name basis and many friendships were formed.  The Bride, her lovely sisters and mum and dad planned every little detail of the wedding to the extent that we didn’t need to think of whats next. The dinners were perfect and the night of the wedding was just what we were waiting for.

imageimageI can say with utmost certainty that this was the wedding of the year, and if I get invited to another one I am sure I will not feel the same way, as Aya and Feras did not leave anything to chance.






imageimageMy daughter didn’t spare the chance as she did her bit whilst on the island with kayking, snorkelling and what have you.  It was the most amazing experience that we had ever had.


Thanks you Aya and Feras for making us part of your small group.