Do you remember the statue that had three monkies one covering his eyes, the other covering his ears and the third one covering his mouth? Well, my kids were asking me what to do and what not to do to be good Muslims. So rather than giving them the lecture that we hear from every scholar which basically will freak them out and make them forget about religion. I said that they only need to avoid four things?
Do not commit adultry
Do not consume alchohol
Do not gamble
And do not steal

Think about it, each one of the above leads to the other and each makes one so engrossed in the act to the extent that one forgets the reason behind our existance. If we just forget about these four things we will most certainly focus on the good things in life, we will discover that there is so much to do to save humanity, to discover new knowledge and to spread peace.

My son wants to open this toy store for kids and adults but he was worried that if he does this he maybe committing an act against islamic teaching. I told him that even profit mohammed (PBUH) played with his kids and with his grand kids? So playing is something we must actually encourage people to do more of as its a way of relaxation. No one can work 24/7 and all our teaching tell us tht we have to devote a portion of our time for ourselves to do anything we like with it. To me I like watching movies and taking photos of my cat or items of still life. To my middle daughter she likes surfing the net and to my little one watching football.

Did you guess what my son likes to do?

I will not tell you. If you have been following well you would know