This year we proudly participated in the Film market which is part of the DIFF fair that happens every year in December. We thought that we will have a targeted exhibition area for Arab students who would like to pursue a career in the film industry. 
However what happened at the fair is a real eye opener. No emphasis on film education in the gulf. Is this a wonder? Well with the quality of the Arabic films at present its no wonder the lack of focus on the education side of it either. 
But of course being just for two days at the fair should not let me dismiss the Arab world this way. Doha has their own film school, Egypt have their own film school, Lebanon have their own film school and so on. There are 25 film festivals in Morroco and 14 in Egypt, one in Dubai, one in Muscat and few in Beirut and Jordon. But is this enough? Shouldn’t each country have one like Europe and other western countries!

I feel that something as vital as the film industry we the Arab world must put a lot of focus on it. There isn’t a day that passes by with people not sitting in front of the TV watching a show, a soup opera or a film, including my mother. And something as important and as influential as films and shows deserves our attention. We must find kids with that talent and we must help them from their young ages following the footsteps of the international countries. 
I know that the Arab world had been under tremendous turmoil for a while now but we the new generation must wake up to the fact that certain things are as necessary as food and drink. 
Let’s improve our films and shows by sending our children to study this field.