You know that my travels take me to lots of places, in most I stay for an extra day to enjoy the place, walk around, take some pictures, drink their coffee, talk to some people and maybe buy a souvuneir or two and return to my place where its routine is more than its fun.  However, in all my trips the most enjoyable time for me is the flight itself, I feel the airplane is my home, even if the seat is tight, with one foot by two feet in size, however I spend a good time catching up with my movies, watching new ones, finish some books, listen to some jazz and so on.  Sometimes I am too tired to read or watch movies so I play a game on the intertainment screen, but this is really rare, however yesterday I did only that, and below you will know why!

There was a family of four kids and their parents, it seems that they were from Iraq, so the dad was on the Isle seat next to mine, and his son of maybe ten years of age next to him, the mother and daughter behind me and the other a bit older kids behind the father.  The flight was only two hours, however they spent the time talking, doing quizzes, figuring out some riddles, translating some sentences in English, Arabic and german.  The boy also spoke french, so he was teaching the father how to say some greetings in french language.  The boy was very smart, and the father was enthusing that smartness by some mathematical formula which he solved in seconds.  What I liked is the calmness of the father who was explaining geography to the daughter (sometimes wrong as she was watching the map on the screen and asked him where is Bahrain? he said next to Kuwait, and she asked where is Dammam, he said its a city in Bahrain), and speaking in English, German and Arabic to the son who was very inquisitive. The father was knowledgable in mathematics and he was giving the son ways to learn it.  The son on the other hand was also very clever, and he couldn’t sit still for a moment without having something to think about.  I have seen other kids in airplanes, they mess up the place, they create havoc and they do not listen, but this family was astoundingly different.


I tried to remember how my kids where when we used to travel together? I couldn’t as most of those times I was falling asleep as soon the aircraft takes off. I miss those times and I wish that my kids are still kids, so I try to teach them something like this father.