Soon we are going to have an education stock exchange. I guess the billions of dollars that are being spent on education around the world will trigger the establishment of a new Wall street- Education or Nikkei-Education.  We will find the big four in education. The Merrill Lynch and the Goldman Saks of this world in education trading and barters. There will be regulators like the SECs and the Nasdaq’s and the London stock exchanges etc.

However this will only happens when few conditions pre exists:

1. Governments are dealing ethically and the best people will do the work in education not those that have an uncle as a minister or a cousin who is the head of the department

2. Industry who is truly caring about the people in our country and want these people to have the best education

3. We have the appropriate regulatory framework for the qualification. And when we choose systems from around the world we look at the whole system and not take a part only even though we know that it will not fit our situation

4. The parents are involved in the improvements in the education because they know if they didn’t their kids lives is in jeopardy

5. Teachers become teachers because they are passionate about the work and not because they couldn’t find a job

6. The kids have the drive as they know that without good education he or she will not have a chance in life

7. Vocational education is considered a stream in Education, instead of a choice for those that fail to enter Tertiary education.

8. Children have a say in how they are being taught.

When all of these things are evident, then people will trade in education stocks.