You are going to be starteled when you read this blog as we all think that we have completely goner electronic when it comes to dealing with government. I don’t think so. Take tha national I’d card for example. We have to download the form and take it ourselves to the various places and wait in the queue to process it. Then wait for over a month to receive it. What about payment online? We still suffer fromthis. I have to go to a building to pay my pcompany phone bills. This last one was with du of course and to think that a phone company has every thing to do with the Internet but they cannot handle B2B operations.

Also in Bahrain one has to jump a thousand hoops to get a passport renewed! Forget the licences, Leases, visas and all the shebang that is attributed to the necessities of life.

I lived in the west for a while. So in the eighties I was studying in Southampton, my brother needed to get a replacement for his son’s birth certificate. I rang the birth registrar, they sent me a form, filled it, posted it, few days later I had it in my mailbox. Easy peasy. Last year my husband’s passport needed renewal, I downloaded the form, filed it, sent it by courier, three weeks later got the new passport! How easy is this? Imagine if you have to do this here. First you have to endure the heat, then you have to find parking then of course the queues and the faces that look at you as if you are an alian from outer space, one cannot but wonder why on earth do these people bother to go to work every morning? Unsure really.

The banks is another joke. Sometimes I wonder if I am trusting my money with woody wood picker. Every thing one needs to do one has to go tothe bank. My bank in New Zealand never saw my face all my transaction are handled in a remote way and visiting the branch is not something thati need to do at all unless I wanted to chat to someone! I once bought two houses off plan and got a mortgage signed while I was at mydosk indubai and the houses were in
Hamilton. No exaggeration my friends. I never saw the agent nor the banker or the lawyer. My house in Dubai took 5 months to be registered.

Where is the E-government